2 MAY – What a Beautiful Day.

Opening Day was absolutely awesome!
Thank you to each and everyone for making it happen!
The Carthage Republican Tribune did a very nice article for Opening Day of Carthage Little League. If you have a chance – check it out! Additionally, the field prep day was in the Tribune 2 weeks ago. We are in the “Big League!”

The Little League Parent Volunteer Pledge

I will teach all children to play fair and do their best.
I will positively support all managers, coaches and players.
I will respect the decisions of the umpires.
I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game.

Opening Day – 02 MAY 2015

Opening Day is right around the corner. Saturday 2 MAY 15 is “Play Ball” for Carthage Little League. Our Opening Day Ceremony will begin at 10 AM. We will introduce players, coaches, board members, sponsors, donors and others who will make our 2015 season a success. Then honor our country and throw out the first pitch!!!
Please have Minor Leaguers there at 9:30 AM. We will issue uniforms and hats to the Managers.
Please have Major Leaguers there at 12:30 PM. We will issue uniforms and hats to the Managers.

Major League introductions will begin at approx. 1 PM.

It is an exciting time in Carthage, NY! Carthage Little League Baseball officially begins!

Field Prep Day – 25 April – A HUGE Success!

Field Prep Day was a huge success!  Thirty volunteers arrived with rakes and shovels as they prepped the fields for Opening  day, 2 MAY 2015.  We dropped 3 tons of turf safe on the fields.  Mark Storms brought in his tractor to till the fields.  Brad Russell rolled them with his ATV.  Others provide the physical labor to make this event happen.  Pizza, soda and water were provided as a thank you by the board.  Thank you to all who attended!!


3 tons get-attachment 1st base get-attachment Mark tractor get-attachment

Take Care of that Pitching Arm!

CLICK THIS LINK!!!  Take Care of that Pitching Arm

How to Select a Proper Youth Baseball Bat

An excellent test is to have your player hold the bat by its handle, then stretch his arms out so that his body makes

a lopsided “t” shape (lopsided because the bat makes one arm much longer than the other). If he cannot hold the

bat level with his shoulder for at least a count of ten, the bat is too heavy for him.


CLICK HERE  Coaching Tips

Little League Coach Resource Center

Little League International recognizes and appreciates the challenges that come with being a Little League manager or coach, so it has developed a free on-line coaching resource that Little League managers and coaches can turn to for reference, education, or to stay current with the latest drills and coaching techniques.

The Little League Coaches Resource Center, located on the World Wide Web at: www.LittleLeagueCoach.org, is a free service created by Little League International in cooperation with Cramer Digital Marketing and Event Solutions in Norwood, Mass.


Double Goal Coaching

Little League Double-Goal® Coaches have two goals, winning, and more importantly, teaching life lessons through baseball and softball. Double-Goal® Coaching is a model that was termed by Positive Coaching Alliance, which partners with Little League for the Little League Double-Goal® Coaching program.

This program helps coaches teach players learn how to win, on and off the field. It also means that regardless of their skill level, players can take from baseball and softball invaluable lessons in teamwork, discipline, compassion and handling adversity and apply those lessons in school, jobs and their family lives.

To register for the online Little League Double-Goal Coach Course, click here

Little League Bats

Here the Link for any question about buying a bat this years: